Ava is not designed to resolve fertility issues.

If you have a diagnosed medical condition that is making it difficult for you to get pregnant, Ava will not fix this.

However, if timing is the issue that's been making it challenge to conceive, Ava can definitely help. Ava works best for cycles that are between 24 – 35 days (though we are working on updates to improve the accuracy for longer cycles).

If your cycles are irregular but still fall within the 24 – 35 day range, Ava could still work for you.

Ava has not been tested for conditions that significantly impact ovulation such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) or hypothalamic amenorrhea.

If you are taking medications to induce ovulation such as Femara and your cycles are between 24 – 35 days, Ava could work but it has not been tested with use of Femara.

If you have mild to moderate endometriosis and your endometrial scarring is not so severe that it blocks ovulation, Ava could still work for you. Ava will not have any impact on the embryo implantation complications of endometriosis but it can still help you time intercourse around ovulation.