It depends and here's why.

Ava gives you two different types of information in the app:

1. Data collected while you sleep about your temperature, resting pulse rate, physiological stress, and sleep

2. A fertile window and ovulation prediction based on your physiological data

The fertility prediction is only accurate for cycles that are between 24 – 35 days. If your cycle hasn't returned yet, Ava's algorithm won't be able to give you predictions for your fertile window or ovulation date.

However, by looking closely at your temperature and pulse rate data, you may be able to spot your first ovulation by yourself.

In our clinical studies, we found that resting pulse rate starts to rise in the days leading up to ovulation. We also saw that temperature rises after ovulation. If you see a rise in resting pulse rate, followed several days later by a rise in temperature, that's a strong indication that you may have ovulated.

One important thing for breastfeeding mothers to know is that Ava needs to be worn at least 4 hours per night with a minimum accumulation of 3 hours of sleep in order to get an accurate reading.