Ava should be charged daily:

  • When your Ava is plugged in but not fully charged, the light on the top of the sensor will be red. When it is fully charged and ready to wear, the light on the top will turn green.
  • You can either leave your Ava plugged in all day, or charge it close to when you go to sleep.
  • We do not recommend charging your Ava in the morning and then leaving it unplugged all day, because the battery may have drained by the time you put it on at night.

Charging Recommendations:

  • We recommend using your Ava USB cable and plugging into a USB port on a laptop or desktop. Laptops and desktops have a built-in mechanism that prevents devices that are plugged into the USB ports from overheating.
  • If your phone's charging cable has a micro USB-B (Ava 1.2) or USB-C (Ava 2.0) head, you can use your phone’s charging cable as an alternative.

If the recommended charging method is not available, please consider the following items when selecting a charger:

  • The charger should not supply more than 1 Amp of current to the device
  • Fast chargers, wall sockets, and other chargers which supply more than 1 amp should not be used
  • In some cases the cabling inside the charger is faulty which can lead to overheating of the device

Please contact Customer Support if you have additional questions.