Ava needs to be worn for at least four hours during the night and record at least 3 hours sleep. If you are seeing "Data quality insufficient" and you wore Ava for at least four hours, there are a few other things to check:

1. Was Ava fully charged before you wore it?

2. Did you leave Ava unplugged for a long time before wearing it?

We recommend for both scenarios 1. and 2. above that you follow these charging recommendations:

3. Was the Ava sensor making contact with the skin on top of your wrist throughout the entire night?

Ava should be worn tightly enough that you can slip one finger between the band and your skin but not two fingers. 

4. Was the green light on the underside of the sensor still on in the morning?

When you first wear Ava, a green light should appear on the top of the bracelet briefly and then turn off. An additional green light should appear on the underside of the bracelet - the part that touches your skin - and remain on throughout the entire night.

If the green light on the underside of the bracelet is no longer on when you wake up in the morning, it's a sign that either: 

  • the battery did not last through the night OR
  • the Ava lost contact with your wrist at some point during the night.

Without the green light remaining on all night while in contact with your wrist, it is possible that not enough data was recorded, resulting in "Data quality insufficient".