If you're concerned that your Ava predictions aren't matching up with other fertility signs you're observing, here's a series of questions to help figure out why:

Step 1: Are you are interpreting your other fertility signs correctly?

Step 2: Is your cycle is the right length for Ava (24 – 35 days)? Ava is not designed for cycles outside of this range.

Step 3: Did you enter the correct information about your average cycle length data in the onboarding process? If not, you can override whatever you entered before by adding at least two cycles in the past of the correct length.

Step 4: Are you wearing Ava consistently enough throughout your entire cycle? We recommend wearing Ava during your entire cycle for both follicular and luteal phases.

Step 5: Have you been using Ava for more than three months? It can take up to three months for Ava to fully adjust to you.

Check out this blog post for more details on all these steps.