Before wearing Ava for the first time, it needs to be paired with the app.

Please make sure your phone is running iOS 9.0 or higher and has a connection to the internet and that Bluetooth is turned on.

Ava 2.0

1. Make sure your Ava 2.0 bracelet is near your phone.

2. Open the Ava app.

3. The app will show a pairing screen (“Searching for Ava…”) if you haven’t paired the Ava before.

4. Once the app has found your Ava, click Pair.

Alternative: Tap on the More button from the navigation bar and then go to the “My Ava Bracelet” view. On that view tap the option Pair Ava. 

Note: there is no need to plug in your Ava 2.0 to power during this process as the Ava's Bluetooth signal is continuously activated.

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