The maximum probability of conception in a given cycle is achieved by having sex everyday during the entire fertile window. Alternatively, you may choose to have sex every other day following menses until ovulation, for a comparable probability of conception (albeit slightly lower).

Sometimes you might find that your predicted ovulation date moves earlier/later than originally predicted or that your fertile window started out as a 6-day window but subsequently shortened or lengthened - this is because Ava is detecting changes in your physiological signals and adjusting the fertile window and ovulation predictions in real-time.

By timing sex daily or every other day, should your fertile window shorten or widen in real-time thus causing your predicted ovulation to arrive sooner or later than previously predicted, this shall help you "catch" the high/peak fertility days.

We often get asked if couples should have sex every day – if your partner doesn't have reduced sperm count, it's recommended to have sex every day. If they do have reduced sperm count, then it may be better to have sex every second day.

These recommendations are based on the study by Pfeifer et al., 2017.

For additional information, take a look at our Ava World blog article here.

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