If you're noticing that your fertile window or ovulation date predictions from Ava conflicts with information you're getting from other sources (urinal LH tests, BBT thermometer, or cervical mucus monitoring), it could be due to several reasons:

  1. Cycles outside of the 24 – 35 day range that Ava is optimized for:
    Please note that during your first cycle, Ava relies more heavily on the information you provided during onboarding about your average cycle length. If you need to edit the length of your average cycle, navigate to the calendar date of your first cycle on Ava, and use the + icon to add or remove your period.
  2. PCOS

    If you have PCOS, you may have a constant high LH level or multiple peaks during a single cycle. For some women with PCOS, LH tests do not accurately reflect whether you have ovulated. 

  3. Not enough data:
    In order to work properly and to give you the most accurate predictions, Ava must be worn every night for a minimum of 4 hours and record at least 3 hours of sleep. If this is your first cycle using Ava, sometimes not enough data has been gathered about your unique physiological pattern in order to make accurate predictions yet.

Many of our users report that on the second or third cycle, Ava starts consistently lining up with urinal LH tests and they stop using them.