Ava measures multiple physiological parameters in real-time. When you begin tracking with Ava and look back at a complete cycle of data, there are certain relevant differences that help both Ava’s algorithm and users recognize when a phase has changed from fertile to non-fertile.


Ava’s algorithm reacts to changes in the parameters, not their absolute value. The physiological parameters we measure are very sensitive to many other health, emotional, and environmental factors, such as your health, alcohol consumption, and stress. These factors present short-term changes that are different than the longer-lasting changes that are related to the different fertility phases. While Ava is in the process of tracking a cycle, it is difficult to know which changes are going to be the relevant ones, especially when you first start using Ava.


Therefore, we need some knowledge about a person to get an initial estimation of the time-frame in which those changes can occur. The algorithm is designed for women with cycles between 24 - 35 days.


Ava is a non-invasive wearable device that provides users with relevant information about their bodies.