PayPal is only available on our website when you purchase in Euro €.    

To purchase using PayPal, follow the steps below:   

  1. Click “Order Ava Now”.  
  2. Add your contact information and shipping address.  
  3. Select your shipping method.  Under “Payment Method”, select the option PayPal.  
  4. You’ll be automatically directed to PayPal’s site to complete your transaction.  
  5. Once finished, you’ll automatically be returned to to complete your order.      

Please note that if you have not been redirected to our site, your order has not been successful. 

Please contact PayPal if you have any questions about how to use PayPal, charges and refunds or if you have general account questions.    

Ava AG does not have access to your PayPal account and is unable to place an order on your behalf using PayPal. However, please contact us if you have product questions.