Ava Fertility is a wearable medical device that is clinically proven to identify both the opening and closing of the fertile window, letting you know the five best days to try for a baby. It is FDA-cleared in the US and CE-certified in Europe.

The below is intended as a guideline. For more detailed questions about whether Ava Fertility is right for you, consult with your healthcare professional.

Yes: Your cycle is regular and between 24–35 days

Ava Fertility will work with cycles slightly shorter or longer than the 28-day average, provided they are of consistent length.

Yes: You have endometriosis

Ava Fertility can be used with endometriosis, unless there is severe scarring that interrupts ovulation.

Yes: You're using an alternate conception method

Ava Fertility can be used to time conception methods other than intercourse, e.g. artificial insemination.

Yes: You’re breastfeeding

Ava Fertility can be used while breastfeeding once your cycle has returned.

No: You’re taking hormonal birth control

Ava Fertility works by sensing physiological changes related to your natural hormone levels.

No: Your cycle length is outside of 24 - 35 days

Ava has not been tested on women with irregular cycles outside of this range.