For Ava bracelet 2.0+


Make sure that Bluetooth and internet are enabled on your iPhone and the Ava Fertility app is allowed to receive push notifications.


Make sure that Bluetooth, Location services (GPS icon), and internet are all enabled on your Android and that the Ava Fertility app is allowed to receive push notifications and has sufficient permissions to access location services.    

1. Open the Ava Fertility app on your phone. 

2. Your dashboard (home icon) should be the first page to load on your screen.  

3. Tap the Sync button that you see on the dashboard. If you can’t see the button on the Dashboard visit the “My Ava Bracelet” view through the “More” section of the app.  

4. Once the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the app is established, the light on top of your bracelet should become a flashing blue. 

*Note this is different from the previous Ava devices.  

5. Syncing of the data should then start automatically. During the syncing process, a progress bar at the top of your dashboard will say “Reading data…” and show you the syncing progress.  

6. Once syncing is complete, your dashboard should update and show your data from last night. If it does not automatically update, go to a different screen in the app and then come back.