Within the Ava Fertility app, we have a Pregnancy Tracker mode that you can switch to once you’re pregnant. Simply go to “My Profile”, select “I’m pregnant”, and you will be walked through a few onboarding questions to set up your pregnancy profile. 


You can continue wearing the Ava bracelet at night to track your physiological data and sync it with the app the next morning as you were doing while you were TTC (trying to conceive). 


You will notice that your dashboard (home icon) and your charts (heart icon) screens will look a bit different now. 


The dashboard now gives you week-by-week explanations about what to expect in each week of pregnancy to share insight into the physiological changes you're experiencing. 


Your charts screen is now only shown in green with a new parameter at the bottom that includes weight. You can input your weight by clicking on the + symbol so you can chart this as the pregnancy progresses.