Your History view consists of two different parts: “Cycle History” and “Parameter History”. 

- Cycle History is an overview of your past cycles showing your cycle length, how long your period lasted, and when ovulation took place.  


- Parameter History is an overview of your health charts sorted by the parameters that Ava Fertility tracks. This means that you can identify some of the parameters' patterns over the course of a cycle.

History view becomes available once you have entered your second cycle using Ava Fertility. This means that you need to have at least one data point in two different cycles. You can compare your last 12 cycles that you recorded with Ava Fertility (11 past cycles plus your current cycle).

It is not possible to remove cycles from History view.

iOS:  navigate to your history view by tapping “History” on the top left of the health view. 


Android: navigate to your history view by tapping “Cycle history” from the menu.