When you open the app in the morning, you’ll see the day’s predicted fertility indication. Tap the “Sync my data” button on the home screen to confirm it. Please see here for detailed instruction on "How do I sync my data to my phone?" 

After syncing, the app displays your fertility indication. It changes color to reflect you fertility level: 

Pink – Period 

Purple – Low fertility 

Light blue – High fertility 

Dark blue – Peak fertility

The more days you sync, the more accurate your indications will be.

The app will notify you in the event that it doesn’t collect good data from your bracelet. For improved data quality, try these measures:

-    Wear the bracelet snugly so it doesn’t slide

-    Wear it for at least four hours of sleep time

-    Wear it in a dark room

-    Make sure the bracelet is free of dirt and fluids

-    Apply skin care products sparingly on the area that makes contact with the bracelet