The alarm feature is only available for Ava bracelet 2.0 or above:  


Visit the “My Ava Bracelet” view through the “More” menu 


Access "My alarms" section through the Main Menu.

With this feature, you can add an alarm to wake you with a gentle vibration. Successful setting, editing or deletion of the alarm will be indicated by a vibration and a white LED on your Ava bracelet. The alarm icon on the top right part of you home screen will also show the set time. By tapping the icon, you will be directed back to the "My Alarms" section.

The Ava bracelet will vibrate for 5 seconds at the time that you set your alarm. To stop the alarm, just tap it 2 times with your fingers.  Another way to stop the vibration of your bracelet is to plug it to power.

In case you don’t stop the alarm, the Ava bracelet will vibrate again after 9, 18 and 27 minutes. You can tap the device at any point during this time to deactivate the alarm. 

If you travel across timezones, make sure to sync your Ava bracelet in order to update to the new timezone. Please also see "Travelling with my Ava bracelet across time zones and high altitudes" [Link to FAQ 13.1]