We understand and recognize how private and important your personal health data is.

In “App Settings” of the Ava app, there is an option for you to “Enable Ava Customer Support to access my data”. You always have the authority to allow or deny access at any time, by clicking the toggle button to choose the option you prefer.     

Your data will never be misused or accessed inappropriately. Should you encounter problems with your bracelet or the app, giving Customer Support the permission to access your data allows the agent to investigate the issue faster to give you a solution sooner. 

Customer Support would always first verify if you gave permission for your data to be accessed. The agent would primarily look into the technical data (not your personal health data), to determine if your bracelet recorded anything last night, if it stopped recording in the middle of the night, if you were able to sync, and other technical troubleshooting steps, thus enabling support to provide you with quicker solutions to the problem(s) you experienced.